The heroes we need…

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  • TotallyNotPax

    I don’t use either of those regularly, maybe I should

    • PATMAN

      Surely you can spend 40 minutes of your time….

      • Flingebunt

        If we would only spend as much time watching out governments as we spend watching porn, there is a good chance that what is being done to the cheerleader at 10:45 in the Pornhub video won’t be done to us.

  • m4a4

    Yeah, they care about the users. Sure.
    And where did the money to do this come from?

    • Daniel Emberton


    • ssttooppiitt

      And where do the ISP and government get money from?

    • The009

      PornHub, and YouPorn both have Advertisements and Paid subscriptions 🙂

      They also only run encryption that is HTTPS nothing special, just proper, ( Their CDN is also HTTPS )

    • Arakjin

      Porn industry is the reason Internet is what it is today, it has always been the spearhead in web developement and it continues to do so, just like military is the spearhead of other technological advancements

  • Lunchbox


  • an otter one bites the dust

    not all heroes wear capes.
    or clothes

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