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  • perthaussieguy

    Nah, get a cat-o-nine tails , they’re good for lashes.

    • The Mighty Masturbator

      Damn dude.

  • Vava

    Kinder eggs are coming back to the US.

    • Dennisch

      One lawsuit and they’re gone again.

      • Vava

        They’re doing something different (I don’t remember what exactly) so I guess we’ll see happens.

        • NotMyName

          If the toy isn’t inside the chocolate there is really no point..

          • Vava

            Yuup. There is some kinda toy though in there. Or there will be…

    • Я Безымянный

      Remind me why they were gone?

      • Vava

        Probably all the tiny parts in the toy surprise. It’s marketed to kids who can and do choke on them. Like @dennisch:disqus said, probably due to lawsuits.

      • Chris Davis

        In the US it is illegal to put something inedible inside something edible. Which kinda makes sense but it means kinder eggs are illegal.

      • Kate Blackwell

        Fear US kids would eat them without taking out the toy first.

    • The009

      I just saw them Yesterday in the store here in Ohio, I thought about getting one. Next time I am out and see one I’ll grab it. I did say “HOLY SHIT A KINDER EGG” when I saw it though. They had a warning on the display box that said WARNING CONTAINS CHOCKING HAZARD or something along those lines.

      @disqus_yW9wt4Drco:disqus if I see one I will try to remember to get one and remember to post back here whats inside them if you don’t find out before then 🙂

      • Vava

        I looked everywhere (like 5 stores I was at on Saturday) and nothing. So I guess they haven’t spread down here yet.

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