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  • Arse Clown

    Ive never flown anywhere first class :/

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      I did…well, it was “business class.” They had a cancellation so I got the upgrade offered to me for $150. Money well spent.

      • Dr_D

        I was in executive economy and a guy from business asked to switch seats with me. I think he wanted to sit with his mother or whatever the story was. I got free upgrade.

    • MrPotato

      I did once. It wasnt really all that. More space and comfy seats. Youre not misssing much.

    • The People’s Poet

      The best part about first class is that when the plane crashes, you will die first. This will spare you the long waiting line in the afterlife, should there be one.

      • Gatekeeper


  • grrman t

    Yeah, I’ll take shit that never happened for 500

  • Pickles

    Our company used to fly us first class or business class whenever heading overseas. Guys would be in raggedy blue jeans and t-shirts, and carrying a crappy beat-up duffle bag too. We did performance testing at utility plants… and am sure the suits had lots of questions why we were in their class section of the plane! Those days have been costed out… but they were great while they were around!!!

  • Patchy

    Doesn’t look like anyone is clapping. Way to toot your own horn buddy. Keep that racial divide going strong.

  • The People’s Poet

    Makes a post about possible racist profiling…and yet you can afford to get on a plane in first class? If racism was as bad as some people think it is, you wouldn’t get the option to go first class. You would be sent to the back of the plane to the special section for black people.

    • The Mighty Masturbator

      Just because black people aren’t being segregated doesn’t mean that racial profiling doesn’t exist, lol.

      That being said, I’m fairly confident that this guy is making shit up.

      • The People’s Poet

        Profiling is just a part of human existence. It is hard to think of everything as a unique creation, so we tend to find traits or characterizations and lump objects that fit that mold together.

        In many cases it is bullshit and obviously unfair, however that is life.

  • RitcherB

    When I fly in first class (not many times) there was a girl/guy that from I did the check in until I boarded the plane didn’t leave me at all. Got my carry on baggage, took me to the VIP area, called me when it was time to board, I rode in a BMW to the airplane and the same thing when I landed.
    That was a very long flight from Shanghai to Paris and first class was only 6 spots.
    Awesome (I drank like a bottle of single malt scotch in the plane)

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