Happy 100th Independence Day, Finland!

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  • Missing the most important statistic: Finland is home to 100.0% of the population of me.

    • HoodieDog


      • Torilla tavataan?

        • ThatGuy


          • Shivers

            Con queso.

          • ThatGuy


          • Sunset

            No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

        • Inaba

          huppuhurtta on pouseri

        • Arakjin

          Ja nakkikioskilla tapellaan

        • PATMAN

          Mika Häkkinen is GOD!

    • Christopher

      Well it would be scary talking to you if you were only 50% in Finland …

      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        Could be lying half in Russia and half in Finland. 😉

        • Christopher

          Isn’t there a buffer zone where it’s both and neither at the same time though?

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            *Finland and Norway then. Lol. I believe there is something of that nature there. Russia was just the first border nation to come to mind.

          • Christopher

            I was expecting someone to say amputee actually

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            Damn, and here I am trying to keep it innocent, LOL. Well shit, guess with enough explosive force she could be everywhere at once no??

          • Christopher

            Only if you blew her up in Switzerland

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez


  • ThatGuy

    The inventor of fins!

  • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

    Gotta love Finland, home of Simo Hayha and these two amazing people: http://i.imgur.com/yJQNvSa.jpg

    • Skrlphhh

      vat da fuuuuuck?!

      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        Hahahahaha, I loveeee when he says that line!!! Hudrolic Press Chanel. LOL

    • Obvious fake, they’re smiling in public!

  • zenzen

    Minimal distance between inhabitants: 1 m

    • Das Puggy

      Especially during sex.

  • http://lemonparty.com/ Anna Troll

    … Those pie graphs, though.

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