I think Anon is dead

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  • Daniel Emberton

    dude has done soo many drugs..

    • James of the Alternative Fact

      He…might have done all the drugs.


    I chortled.

    • Trevor ‘Dork’ Kroeger

      I threw up

  • lostfighter

    6? Really?

  • Flockacox

    I’m more concerned about the girl

    • Nothing to worry about, he’s going to take good care of his sister.

  • an otter one bites the dust

    ma’am, blink twice if you’re in danger

    • lostfighter

      *winks uncontrolably non stop for an hour

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Is he with Lady Death?

  • Haze1nut

    If that’s a 6 then I’m a solid 5.

    • The People’s Poet

      Oh, look at mr/ms/mrs hot stuff with their 5/10… We in the -1/10 club find your good looks offensive!

  • Gatekeeper

    Having sex with your daughter doesn’t count unless you live in Arkansas or West Virginia.

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