Apple knows when you fap

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  • perthaussieguy

    Nah…. nah… it was …. a…… bad dream during a nap, that’s all ,,,,, honest!!

  • Von Der Tann

    Well, well, well PAX! It says that ONLY 10 minutes you were….busy! NOT 40 minutes as you always say! It seams to me you might be lying, ey?!

    • Lunchbox

      It takes a while to clean everything up

    • theninthplanet

      MINUTES? No, you’ve got it all wrong. Those were seconds.

  • Я Безымянный

    If you used the other hand it would have been a short healthy jog. Or sprint?

  • Mister_B_Posters


  • Gatekeeper

    That’s alright big brother has been watching you fap through your webcam for years.

    • Sirperry

      That’s hot

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    If it took me more than two minutes to masturbate, I think I’d just give up and say fuck it, it’s not happening now.

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