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  • daverbes

    As a bee keeper, that’s the perfect scenario – a new swarm consolidated in a very reachable area. Just give me a box and a stick and I’ve got a new hive!!!

    • FizzPop

      Where do you keep bees? How long have you “bee”n a keeper?
      What’s the local flora that they pollinate?
      I’m very interested in this. I’ve wanted to keep bees for ages

      • daverbes

        I’m currently down in the Dallas TX area. It’s my first year in TX and it’s completely different than VT where I was last year – no real wintering, for instance. At the moment it’s just wild flowers and I planted some clover, but the VT hives were working my apple orchard. A neighbor had a small orchard too and said his crop nearly doubled when I started keeping bees, so they were busy…

        • FizzPop

          I’m not in the states, but also in an area with a particularly un-wintery winter.
          I grow a number of fruits but only really one or two plants of each. Otherwise there’s a particular bush in my surroundings that’s very popular for honey production in my country.
          My fruit plants aren’t particularly productive because of the climate, but they provide enough for me. Along with various veg and herbs, I spend little money on fresh produce as I also water with rain water I catch in a tank.
          I’ve always been keen to produce as much of what I use as possible, and I’ve always been intrigued by keeping bees.
          Do you have a large property?

          • daverbes

            A couple acres – probably 80 trees or so, with 9 hives spred out among them. Technically too many hives, but ground cover is clover, so they don’t compete…

        • Shai Hulud

          have you seen that guy that was able to get his bees to pollinate marijuana plants? I think through some process he was able to test significant levels of thc in his honey as a result……if that’s a real thing i’ll need to buy a few cases of honey off of u

          • daverbes

            Hadn’t seen that, but I did see a guy whose bees were taking the dies from the M&M factory and making colored honey.

        • Flingebunt

          The correct answer to any bee keeping question is always

          “Mind your own beeswax”

        • Johnny Alpha

          Are the south ‘merican ‘killer bees’ still a problem? We’re seeing invasive swarms from N Africa – ‘hive death’ is still a big problem….

        • Gnome Anne

          I’m going to need you to go back to VT and pollinate the apples 😀

    • Daniel Emberton

      as a person who’s allergic to bees…you can keep the damn bike!

    • lizziesmama

      How long would take for them to swarm like this?

      • daverbes

        If you’re not tending the hive right, a healthy hive will swarm ever two years or so. The trick is catching it before it gets too big and either giving them lots of room or (better) splitting the hive before it starts producing swarm queens.

  • James of the Alternative Fact


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