$1,500 Swiss Army knife and the reviews are the best

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  • perthaussieguy

    Back in 1985 when I migrated from England to Australia I carried a regular style swiss army penknife in my pocket the whole trip. There was no restriction like there has been the past decade or so.

    • James Denman

      Ive been flying because of my parents jobs dince I was born, and I saw the regulations tighten myself.

      Honestly theyve never made me feel safe because of all the people I know that have accidently smuggled knives and toothpaste across international borders. I have to admit to having accidently smuggled toothpaste myself.

      • an otter one bites the dust

        toothpaste?! you monster!!!!

  • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

    Tried to build a simple doghouse, ended up building a fully functional fusion reactor.

    • Johnny Alpha

      sweetie, we’re getting close !! ;D


      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        Sweetie?? You hitting on me Johhnyboy?? XD And yasssss, see?? This is what the USA needs, no dirty coal, no unreliable and incredibly space-wasting solar/wind power fields, just lots of nuclear reactors and geothermal plants wherever geologically feasible. Oh, and hydroelectric dams where appropriate, but more those off-shore wave/tide devices that are moored to the seafloor. All this and we’ll have solved our energy crisis. Oh, and wherever the land is unusable for mining or development: massive reforestation efforts to help combat climate change. #MakeAmericaBeautifulAgain.

        • Johnny Alpha

          2020 my friend – clean energy!!

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            I am actually considering running in 2028, and that will be my energy plans in a nutshell. Sounds pretty good don’t it? Obviously I have over 10 years to get it all hashed out and fluid.

            LOL, trust me bro, you don’t want none of this, you think you’re getting a good bonfire, you’re in fact getting a Hypernova. 😉

          • Johnny Alpha

            Running for wut? State or local?

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            National, Presidency.

          • Johnny Alpha

            can’t vote 🙁

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            Dang, it’s ok man, it’s the thought that counts. Just spread the word eh bud. Hehe.

    • Flingebunt

      Was attacked by a mugger, pulled this bad boy out and in no time I had disarmed them, stabbed them, sewn up their wound, gathered enough forensic evidence to put them in jail, put them on a reform program that broke the cycle in crime and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

      Also apparently 4 women in the area become pregnant on that day, still waiting the results of the paternity test to sure, but all of the babies were born yodeling.

      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        Damn bro, sounds like something I’d comment back in the day. Looolll! I taught y’all well! XD

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