Best confession ever. I shit you not.

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  • Rev. Analbumcover

    It worked out for the best…for the cat. The cat still knows that you shat in his litterbox, though, and is biding his time until the ideal opportunity for revenge presents itself.

    • June Choe

      Why the fuck would it revenge someone who saved its life?

      • Garrus Vakarian

        Because it is a cat.

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        That’s a most excellent question, and I’m very glad you asked.

        I think we can reasonably assume that a cat is smart enough to know when you shit in its litterbox, would you agree? Even if it doesn’t actually see you doing it, your shit is going to have your smell on it.

        However, I would not expect even a very smart cat to understand the medical ramifications of a tumor even if you explained it as clearly and simply as possible.

        So I’m guessing all the cat knows is that the dude shat in his litterbox.

        • June Choe

          My comment didn’t really hold much argument in it, but I absolutely agree with you. Obviously a cat is not that smart.I just wanted to see to which extent your rebuttal will get to and well I can say that you just won an internet argument.

          On an unrelated note, your sarcasm skills are superb.

          • Rev. Analbumcover

            LOL thank you. 🙂

          • Johnny Alpha

            We have ‘battled’ with him before! Only Guesty is more apposite!

      • psage

        because cats are jerks

        • sparky

          the cat is a friend of mine on facebook. this is a quote from his message. *the fuckbag took a shit in my box. MY BOX! u believe that shit? then, my pet lady desides to take me to that guy that always stick the thingy up my butt.. HATE that guy… anyways, so they decide to stick me in this noisy thing… that smelled like dog… yuck… then a few hours later… I woke up with a damn cone of shame, and a big bald spot on my ass that hurts like hell. im gonna give that asshole pink eye!!* and that is where the pic psage posted came from.

          • psage

            ask the cat if he wants me to take care of his problem, because i know a guy who knows guys that could make that happen

  • Pickles

    Cats, more cats… awesome.

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