Life hacks

  • Timmeh

    With Chopstick?? Pretty sure it’s chapstick. Idiot even went and found a picture of chopsticks…haha

    • Jessica

      And I was wondering what the hell you were supposed to do with the chopsticks. Lol.

      • Jimmeh

        Squeeze the cut closed? :$

    • HoodieDog

      This seems right to me. No?

  • perthaussieguy

    Some seem ok and some seem silly (bit like people)

  • Bobby Kelso

    Most of these are wrong. However, a very effective way to combat the need to sneeze is to say the word “Pineapple.” Seriously, I know it sounds stupid, but it’s success rate for me has been ridiculous. Sometimes, just thinking it helps.

    • AlfaNeos

      Pineapple? Interesting idea=D

  • ZildCrab

    ok, the one about youtube are cool, the rest is just stupid or troll attempts

    • David Nathaniel

      how many of these have you personally debunked? I’ve used quite a few of them successfully.

      • ZildCrab

        none, but I’m just abusing the power of the internet while having a bad day at work

        • David Nathaniel

          Keep up the good work.

  • MrForceQuitexe

    Sadly the Wal-Mart one is no longer true. They’ve started posting up signs saying ‘No overnight parking.’ The loophole though is, if you’re driving through the day. Feel free to sleep in your vehicle!

    • David Nathaniel

      I just road tripped through the US and I stayed in many Wal Mart parking lots. This is definitely still true in most places.

      • MrForceQuitexe

        Well I guess the walmart in my city is just a dick.

  • sebastian kringelbach

    The one that caught my attention in a negative way is the one with the small shoes. Seriously, If your shoe is to small, putting 3 socks on and then the shoe seems kind of dumb to me, there has to be a smarter way.

    • Cecillie

      You can fill a bag or 2 with water. Put them in the shoes, and then in the freezer ;D

  • cna

    The one about the apple juice is probably talking about DMT which is the most powerful psychedelic known to man and also occurs naturally in the brain. It is the chemical that makes you dream and is present in almost all living things. Of course, it is also a schedule 1 drug making it highly illegal. It is commonly referred to as the “Spirit Molecule” and plays a part in many cultures and religions.

  • FoxyMoxie

    i find it’s hard to dream vividly if I have to pee every five minutes from all that apple juice

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