Grandfather writes letter to his daughter after she kicks out his gay grandson…

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  • Lord Gucci

    gays are……

  • Mag

    Nah, there is homosexual behavior among animal species. Don’t confuse it with homosexuality. Humans choose a partner of same sex, but they still turn to science to procreate, whilst animals only show homosexual tendencies. If they fail to produce offspring they switch back to heterosexual partner in order to pass on their genetics. Humans do the same, only they stick with the homosexual partner after, since well.. it is now totally acceptable.
    Homosexuality is not about right or wrong, nature vs nurture. It is about “why?”. And “why?” is something science will eventually discover.
    THEN the real struggle starts. The struggle, where people born this way WILL have a choice and might be forced to take it…

    • gdowson

      Ignoring this extreme case of thread necromancy, you seem to think that animals have a concept of the continuation of their genetic line. This is something that early humans barely understood so I think you’re putting far too much anthropomorphism to animals.
      There are several examples where the pairing impulse is stronger than any breeding impulse (if indeed there is a difference between the two). There are numerous examples, especially in the bird kingdom.

      The second part of your first paragraph is total nonsense. The acceptance of homosexuality has in no way got anything to do with people being gay. All it means is that people who have always been gay can do so more openly. As I mentioned in my original post (2 years ago, I might add), “choosing” to be gay might make some kind of sense in a welcoming western society but this does not explain the myriad of gay people in extremely repressive societies who are executed routinely for their behaviour. In some parts of Africa, entire families are executed for the homosexuality of one of their relations! Acceptance of homosexuality by the general public has nothing to do with its prevalence.

      The latter half of your comment doesn’t really make sense to me grammatically so I’ll just leave it there.

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