8 Disney Princesses as Tattooed Pinup Girls! (+ Alice and Tinkerbell)

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44 points
  • PimpKnight

    I never liked disney animation (i like only the films) but if the princess were like that it would change a lot of things…

    • Frank Thebunny

      in manga style, with big eye and little mouth ?

      • PimpKnight

        Well Yes, but i am not against a “Gen 13” style either.

  • VineFamous

    This is so trashy. I personally hate tattoos and hate seeing the characters I loved as a child covered in them.

    • Jolly_Ranter

      Is that you whining or is that the sound of an army of vaginas marching through mud?
      I simply can’t tell the difference…

      • VineFamous

        I am not having a whinge, it is me simply voicing my own opinion. An army of vaginas? Really? Not even a little bit witty. How unfortunate.

        • Jolly_Ranter

          There it is again… that strange slurping sucking sound looming in the background… pray tell what *IS* that cacophony of diatribe?

          • VineFamous

            Settle down keyboard warrior.

  • https://www.facebook.com/gdowson/ gdowson

    Never any love for Mulan

    • .

      Or Kida.

  • Daniel Emberton

    now this i can fap too 😀

  • Camilo Espinosa Ballen

    In the first it says: “waiting for loves true kiss”?, does that makes sense?

    • Agidy Yelov

      “…true love’s kiss.” You read it wrong.

      • Camilo Espinosa Ballen

        I beg your pardon, but I read it as it was written, from top down. Also, I didn’t see any apostrophe on the word “loves”.

        • Agidy Yelov

          I think the artwork is titled that way. Even says so here: http://society6.com/product/Waiting-For-Loves-True-Kiss_Print But I like “true love’s kiss” better though.

          There wasn’t an apostrophe because the guy forgot to put one in.

          • Camilo Espinosa Ballen

            English isn’t my native language, so I find odd the structure of that sentence, but if that’s the title of the art work, maybe it could be a valid sentence. Some grammar nazi could analize it better.

            The lack of apostrophe worries me because of the amount of work and time it took to make the drawing; one could imagine that with such amount of time, the artist may notice the obvious mistake.

          • Agidy Yelov

            With a name like Tim Shumate, maybe English isn’t his first language either, punctuation marks included.

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