Every guy is wishing he’d asked her to the Homecoming Dance.

  • theJagged

    if I had been the one in yellow dress, I would probably have placed
    myself on the other side of the brown dressed one… to avoid the abyssal difference, and have instead some gradient steps in size.

  • therapist

    You could tittie fuck her without taking off her clothes.

    • Tim

      says theRapist

    • slayz


  • PimpKnight

    Nope I would have completely ignored her.
    I would have went for the girl in the Yellow dress instead.

    • RS


    • the dude

      you’re high

      • PimpKnight

        I just happen to actually prefer Petite A cupper girls than anything else.

        Tastes is things you don’t argue with.

        But as bizzare as you think it might be, at least i won’t go for the girls you might like.

        • the dude

          to each his own. my wife has small boobs (b), so i miss them i guess. she has a nice bubble butt though. lol.

          • PimpKnight

            Well i don’t know where i read this, and i don’t know if it is true, but the men’s attraction to big boobs and large hips is supposed to be an evolutionary things linked to reproduction capabilities, and therefore a man attraction to small boobs can be related a disinterest toward having children.

            And somehow it would not surprise me if it were true because as the same time that i am attracted to petite A cuppers, i am also completely against having kids.

            Good things i guess, it would be a disaster to release a second master douchebag as me in this world.

          • the dude

            im on the fence of having kids. sometimes ill see kids behaving extremely well, but most of the time they are screaming brats. i guess it all has to do with how you raise them, but still.

        • Chris

          completely agree with you man, its all about taste.

  • Patchy


  • Dr. Hauser

    Hmm, Motorboating

  • http://www.meatspin.fr fuckingprick

    fuck no. trashy stripper shit.

  • lizziesmama

    I would never let my daughter out of the house in a dress like that! What’s wrong with people??!

    • Who is this guy

      i often see the way young women are dressed and think ..My daughter would not be allowed to leave the house in that .

  • Lunchbox

    Guys look, she has a butt on her chest.

  • Mr. Postman

    Look at those lungs!

  • I am Sancho

    Afraid not. Slutty attention whores never were my thing.

  • theTWON

    wizz the juice

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