Pro tip: Wrap your garbage like this and leave it next to the dumpster

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  • asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

    Bookmarked so I remember in the future. I will do this.

    • Satanton Teo

      done it .. the trash company guy was discussing and poking it for almost 10 minute , and one guy end up laughing out loud when he opened it and the other one is piss off! .. because they wake me up every morning at 3 .. just in time i can wake up and peek at them out of my bedroom window .. 😉

      p.s my neighborhood have a big “trash house” where we all dump all the rubbish in there .. 😀 TRY IT ! BUT DON’T GET CAUGHT DOING IT THOUGH ! PEACEEEE

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    Not worth it. It would cost us an extra $4 from the trash company and probably a lot of explaining to and getting yelled at by the cops.

    • Goran Mijailović

      Then leave that in front of the house of someone you don’t like.

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