Just showed up on facebook feed

  • the dude

    get POWER CLIT! it’s like a clit made of biceps!

    • Jim Kick

      a spring loaded beaver trap

  • Das Puggy

    Seriously, did NO ONE see that? Not one employee has a perverted sense of humour, and suggested that perhaps they should arrange it another way? Maybe some (or most) of the employees want to see that place burn to the ground?


    • Johnny Alpha

      we’re still laughing about the Italian electricity provider – gen.italia.com

  • lachlan

    is noone going to mention how this is not a 30+ min jigsaw? or that the feed suggested the ‘team’ did this? … a 7 year old would be faster than that

  • benjammin1701

    I am the CLIT commander! I rule the CLIT!

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    It took this team 30 minutes to put together a 252 piece puzzle? I guess that’s not too bad…around 7 seconds per piece. But if all 17 of them worked on it, that’s about two minutes per piece per person…

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