As with many new website-related projects, there will inevitably be bugs and problems which need to be rectified. Some need to be addressed urgently and others need to be prioritized so our team can determine which of these bugs needs to be fixed and which order. This blogpost will provide some level of transparency so the community knows what we’re working on. Please leave comments below if you have additional bugs to report so we can determine if they need to be added. Be aware that this post is for bugs only and we will not be tracking new features users would like to see on the site.

[table id=1 /]

P (Priority):

A = People are jumping off buildings and this is a pretty damn significant problem. Top priority.

B = Mildly irritating and may require users to take a valium for a couple of days while we work on it.

C = Christmas may arrive first before this one gets fixed.

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