• FizzPop and Profile picture of perthaussieguyperthaussieguy are now friends 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    • Hi :)… how did you do that? I have been trying to understand this new feature and haven’t worked it out yet 🙁

      • Honestly, I’m not 100% sure yet either… I was on my computer at work, now I’m on mobile at home. I’ll try my computer here later and familiarise myself a little more and try help you out. If I’m still struggling I’ll write a few more questions to Hoodie and I’ll tag you.

        Goodluck in the mean time, though 🙂

      • I’m now on my computer and had a moment to poke around and ponder.
        In terms of finding friends and becoming friends – I’m not actually sure where to find community members with profiles other than by the notification of who posted posts.
        You posted posts so I took that as an invitation to invite you as a friend, haha. I hope you don’t mind that my initial thought was “here’s someone I can test and try stuff out on” – though, I probably would have tried to be your friend anyway.

        So far all I know is: if a community member posts a post – their profile is linked above the post. I clicked on your profile and sent you a friend request 🙂 I can see the posts you posted and the conversation we’re having here. I can also see when last you were active on lolsnaps.
        There’s an option to have this conversation privately but there’s no need for that, I think.

        If you knew all of this already, I apologise for stating the possible obvious!