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upload a funny picture

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JPEG, GIF or PNG. Max size: 5MB.

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upload a funny video

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  • Post pictures that you believe will make others laugh. That doesn’t include Facebook profile pictures or pictures of your baby sucking her thumb.
  • LolSnaps is a place to get some laughs. We are not a porn site, so don’t post pictures of nipples, vaginas, or penis parts. If you would hesitate showing your picture to your parents or co-workers, it’s not a good idea to put it on this website.
  • Create a caption that is funny and descriptive. Don’t use lame captions like “LMAO”, “Hahahaha!” or “Cool!”
  • The use of vulgarity is okay…in moderation. Don’t overdo a good thing. When in doubt—especially on captions—use replacement parts such as f*ck and sh*t.
  • Your picture will be seen by thousands of people all over the world. You should not post pictures where the entire world can see someone’s identity. This includes information such as email addresses, full names, and Facebook pages.
  • Do everyone a favor and make your punctuation, spelling and grammar count. It matters!
  • There is a band of rabid LolSnaps fans who have seen every picture on this website. They do not appreciate a picture that has appeared on the website previously—a repost. When this occurs, they show no mercy.
  • If you found the funny picture on another website, list that website as the source.
  • LolSnaps reserves the right to remove any picture or post it deems inappropriate and abusive. Plus, if your picture isn’t funny…we’re going to delete it before it ever sees the light of day.
  • Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before you post.