Fake Internet Points (FIP)

Fake Internet Points (FIP) is one of the techniques we use to engage users on LolSnaps. Awarding users with absolutely worthless points for their interaction with other users and the website in general was popularized by Digg in 2004 and refined by Reddit beginning in 2005. The reason we have implemented our custom version of this functionality is simple: some users respond favorably when motivated (even by Fake Internet Points) and that enhanced level of engagement can promote the best kind of content for the entire community.

How FIP Works

You receive Fake Internet Points (FIP) when you engage in a number of behaviors including uploading posts, viewing posts, voting on posts, and receiving votes on the posts you upload. A high amount of FIP on your user profile (in most cases) tells other users that you are a valued contributor to LolSnaps. A negative amount of FIP on your user profile (in most cases) tells other users that your contributions are not appreciated. All new users begin with 0 (zero) Fake Internet Points. Your FIP total is displayed on your user profile page. Fake Internet Points are ONLY awarded to registered users of LolSnaps because there is no way to award an anonymous user over time. Registering with Disqus DOES NOT register you with LolSnaps.

Earning Fake Internet Points

Fake Internet Points can be earned for doing the following:

  1. Register with Lolsnaps.com (50 points)
  2. Upload a post (10 points)
  3. If your post is deleted by an Admin (-20 points)
  4. View a post (1 point)
  5. Upvote or downvote a post -NEW!- (1 point)
  6. Each point your post receives from users -NEW!- (1 point)
  7. Leave a comment in Disqus -INCREASED FROM 1, BUT LIMITED TO 3 COMMENTS PER POST- (2 points)


1. How do I begin earning FIP?

Register as a user. It really is that easy. You can earn FIP even if you’re otherwise a lurker (see #1, above). If you’ve been a long-time Disqus user, be sure to use the same email used to register with Disqus when you register on LoLSnaps. That way, all your previous comments will accrue points after you register (it can take a week to catch up).

2. Are Fake Internet Points retroactive?

FIP begins at zero once you create an account and register as a user. There is no way to go back in time and accurately capture and award points in a system that was previously built around anonymous users. As noted above, if you register on LolSnaps using the same email you used to register with Disqus, your prior comments will accrue points.

3. Can I redeem FIP or gift them to someone else?

No. They’re FAKE. Worthless. But they’re YOUR fake points and no one can take them away from you except you… for being a naughty user.

4. Will this encourage bad behavior on the part of users?

We don’t think so, but we’ll be closely monitoring how things go and make changes and adjustments if needed.

5. Why are more points awarded for posting a snap?

First, posting a picture doesn’t happen very often. Second, there is some downside to users who post pictures because their pictures may end up with negative points (and, therefore, negative FIP). The downside is limited, but real nonetheless.

Originally published on: May 1, 2017
Updated on: August 17, 2018


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    1. Having a post go REALLY south (negative points) or a post being deleted because you sent us a dick pic (that used to happen several times a week on the old site because it was all anonymous).

        1. The negative points under my login are all because I deleted several test posts while we were building the new site. Over 300 of them.

          1. How do you see FIP? Also, when I try to log in, it just says “Sending user info, please wait…”

          2. Another user had the problem and I don’t know if our solution cleared it up or not.

            When you get that message, is it in the form of a popup or does it appear in the header somewhere? How do you exit from the message?

            We have a known bug where a user logs in only to find out you have to click on a post before the page tells you you have logged in successfully. Give that a try and let me know.

            As for FIP, you have 19 points (so, it appears you have logged in successfully at least once) and you can find it in your user profile.

          3. You don’t. For now. We didn’t want to go too crazy wit FIP right out of the gates, but there is a way for us to create a scoreboard, of sorts.

          4. Yeah, that will take a week or two to calm down. It’s now triggered to look at the most popular posts during the past two weeks NO MATTER when they were originally uploaded.

          5. I’m also getting a delay of sorts when logging into my profile. Refreshing the page shows that I’ve logged in successfully.
            But sometimes, if I close the browser and come back, I have to log in again.

          6. It’s a known bug. I click on a post and that resolves it. It mostly happens when you’re on the homepage/Front Page. We’re hoping to get it resolved in the next day or three.

          7. Was able to replicate your problem. It occurred when I tried to login while on the Front Page. I just backed out of the screen and clicked on a post and it showed me as logged. Definitely a bug though.

        1. There’s now a ‘ranking’ and your position shown underneath. Perthaussieguy is waay ahead, but that’s cos he’s got fuck all else to do apart from….oh! wait he just came back from hospital, let’s play nice 🙂

          1. Ha!Ha!Ha! I just wandered into this thread just now because I was bored. That was the first thing I thought when I saw his FIP. How the fuck do you amass over 29,000 points? But yeah, then I saw he came out of the hospital. It’s cool, post on…

  1. So what you are telling me is that my 13,000+ comments prior to creating my Lolsnaps account are useless? Now how will I be the King of the Lolsnaps…should just become the Phantom of The Lolsnaps again instead 😛

    1. As long as you’re logged in, it should have the list on the lower right of every ‘Snap’s page – the top 25, then you. Make sure you’re logged into LOLSnaps, not just Discus. Also, you will need to log in again if you clear your cookies.

          1. Go to your profile while logged in, and then click on “profile” (confusing, I know)
            under most snaps the top 15 is shown, on front page the top 25 is shown, here in the FIPs page, the top 50 are shown. I dunno where you can see a full list, I’ve just noticed these *shrugs