Story of my life



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  1. If I can get back on here and grow the balls to check my notifications after a night of drunk commenting, you can find the balls to not run away to Nepal and live as a goat. It would be easy for me to go be a goat and disappear, but I’d rather face the music and keep my friends. Shit, 98% of the time when I check my discus notifications after some nights, it isn’t nearly as bad as I imagine it to be. Besides, by now you guys know me very well and it’s mostly entertaining rather than embarrassing at this point. INB4… yes, yes I am.

    1. Also, during proofreading that, I realize that it is FAR FROM EASY to turn into a goat, nevermind simply going to Nepal as a 20-something human from the U.S. with no money. And also, yes… yes I am. This weekend was wild as fuck and I earned this.

        1. Are you referring to the grass I was smoking? Cuz on a scale of “pretty chill” to “what is happening”, I rate it 5/7.

          1. Had to call my neighbor back asking what it was called before I even took it out the bag. Was fluffy and didn’t make me wanna go to sleep. It was awesome. There’s been a conspiracy theory around lower NY about the reason all you can find is sour diesel (which will make you VERY UNPRODUCTIVE) is because of the government. I was happy to find something that wouldn’t knock me out.