The thing about plastic spoons


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  • FATeemo

    The point is if require me effort at all, it is already too much. Hence the worth of plastic spoon’s existence.

  • A Turd Named Peanut

    Are you gonna bring metal silverware when camping or going on a picnic? Seems like a hassle to bring them somewhere else to eat with them just to bring them home to wash.

    • Christine

      There is lightweight reusable camping cutlery or compostable cutlery. Cheap throwaway stuff is just wrong.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      Strip the bark off a pair of twigs. Viola, compostable chopsticks!

    • Your Conversational Partner

      This was posted on the refrigerator at the school I taught in last year. Still, I was the only person who brought a spoon from home and washed it. It’s really not difficult to do. For camping or picnics or parties, plastic forks/spoons have a purpose, but for everyday use…

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