“Still not enough proof”

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  • Chris

    Even after all of this im sure there will even be some readers that will doubt the validity of this info. and still believe in anti-vaccination.

    • NotMark

      Exactly. I mean sure you could use unbiased evidence, scientific facts, common sense or even undisputable proof but personally I will stick with a vague completely unfounded rumour found on the internet every time.

      Don’t let these people use the truth to fool us or who knows where this could end? The kind of people who deny the dangers of vaccination are the very same people who say there are no such things as ghosts, crystals don’t cure cancer, being homosexual is ok, we share a common ancestor with apes and even suggest that the earth is older than 5000 years old but we know better because we have… INTERNET!

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    Conspiracy theories start from bad data and spread like a contagion, infecting minds that may otherwise be healthy and prompting them to in turn spread the conspiracy theory further. They are in fact a disease.

    • https://www.facebook.com/gdowson/ gdowson

      Conspiracy theories are memetic viruses (same root as “meme” – they’re viruses of the mind). Nigh-impossible to treat but easy to inoculate against by encouraging critical thinking, the mind’s immune system.

  • Ara Raven

    While I’m pretty sure the current widespread anti-vaxxer movement started after the Wakefield study, and there are still plenty of autism-mongers, the most common excuse I hear from anti-vaxxers is the, “vaccines replace the immune system and keep it from fighting off sickness and becoming stronger naturally.” They believe that being exposed to a disease, getting sick, and then recovering bestows a superior immunity to the (in their minds) chemically engineered false immunity offered by vaccines. They back this up with stories of friends and relatives who never got a shot in their lives and are healthier by far than the people they know who get regularly vaccinated.

    I have always excelled at the sciences, especially chemistry and physiology. I know how vaccines work. I know how the immune system works. I am utterly incapable of dumbing myself down to the point where that line of thought makes sense, so I have absolutely no idea how to respond to such people. Worryingly, one of those people I know is the mother of three small children, all unvaccinated, even for tetanus and measles.

  • Mehdi Yasaee

    Does the risk out way the benefits. In the case of vaccines for MMR, certainly not.

  • clok

    Most people who are against it have a child with problems (sad an unfortunate) and look for reasons, and as with all things there often is no good reason, so pick the next best thing. Horrible things in our lives are easier to deal with if you can put a face/reason on them. These people talk to others and pray on the basest fears (unintentionally, they believe its a good cause) of having children with disabilities. And the cycle continues.

  • Anon

    I find it sad that people are still not willing to vaccinate their children, but I also see this as selective termination. A combination of nature and man taking out the progeny that may survive to infect the rest of us. A bit grim I know, but this can do a few things for the rest of us. It’ll act as a deterrent to stop people from denying vaccinations and it shows a good concrete example to the people around who lose someone they know to something that is easily preventable. I bet the people that keep losing children are probably the ones that deny new advances in medicine and probably vilify birth control measures.

    • Nick

      I would find some sort of sad comfort in this, if it only effected the non-immunised people. A friend and colleague of mine lost her baby as a direct result of exposure to a preventable illness from her unvaccinated friend.

  • lizziesmama

    It’s sad that they spent all this money on these studies to disprove one flawed study when that money could have gone to much better causes in the field of medicine.

  • Nick

    Not to mention Wakefield had a patent pending for a new vaccine to replace the current one, conflict of interests much?

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