Make that 53,146

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  • Bender


    • DeeDi


  • Stickers the Bum

    -1, i dont mind anyday of the week, there all the same… sleep in, work, walk, sleep, and spend money once a month, used to hate Mondays along time ago if that makes me sound normal

  • The Mighty Masturbator

    Canada Day’s tomorrow, I got today off. I’m liking Monday.

    • Coffeeinator3000

      I move into my new place on wednesday, not tuesday, cause its a holiday (YAY CANADA DAY) but monday, can’t move in monday cause its not july yet…and also construction started today…blech..(Broadview and Queen for those wondering)

  • Steven McGurk

    “Make that 53,146”? It says “You and 53,145” which is already 53,146…

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