War and conflict as seen by aliens

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  • clayjn
  • Mango

    Or which race is more superior. Or which nation has the most authority. Or which country controls the most resources. Or which political system is more appropriate. Or to create an industry that benefits off war. Or which lands or seaways belong to who. Or for revenge. Or to create a false sense of security. Or out of pure boredom. Or because it’s what we’ve always known to do.

    Fuck, religion has been used as a tool for evil, sure, but I fucking hate when people make it the scapegoat for the world’s ills. I’m pretty sure the same humans that kill in the name of religion would be killing in the name of something else if there was no such thing as religion, be it race/nationality/political/etc. Just like how the same people who do GOOD in the name of religion would probably do good if it wasn’t there.

    And yes, before you type it, I know what the bible preaches. That’s not the point.

    • Christine

      And by “humans” that kill, you mean “men”, right?

    • https://www.facebook.com/gdowson/ gdowson

      Having just been on a Hitchens marathon it’d be neglectful of me to not counterpoint that there are precious few examples (if any) of secular warfare and that practically every major inter and intranational war has been fanned by, if not stemmed from, religious fervour of various flavours.

      As has been observed many times, the one way to make good men do evil things is to immerse them in twisted and/or archaic dogmas. While the evil men and women (Christine – google “Myra Hindley” for an example of a female mass murderer) may always exist, it is typically by religious or credulous belief systems that they rise to power. Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, Pol Pot and the Kim dynasty all launched themselves and/or cemented themselves into power by using the existing zealous and religious framework that preceded their rule.

      Religion is not the scapegoat for the all world’s ills (the analogy failing because scapegoat is innocent) – organised zealous and monotheistic religion is guilty of MOST of the world’s ills.

    • Captain Jean-Luc Picard

      What is this shit.

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