Love can be confusing…


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  • Agidy Yelov

    Lol. Canada is gay.

    • Goran Mijailović

      According to the picture in the other comment, so is USA, or it’s just being raped.

      • clok

        Unhappy face= no like. And if we want to take it farther (why I got into this discussion I will never know) look who has the reamed A hole.. Hudson BAY is huge and abused, been invaded many a time to get that big.

      • Agidy Yelov

        I’m gonna say ‘consentual,’ before anyone gets some funny ideas.

        • Johnny Alpha

          about you? DIY gay love

  • fdafdasfdas
    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Canada’s dick looks like it hurts going in, all pointy and barbed like that. At least the USA’s one is smooth and rounded off. Lol. I guess that “pain going in” was Justin Beiber. Hee hee.

      • EdHoppe

        Looks like somethin’s drippin out of the USA’s penis

        • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

          All that damn Chlamydia. Lel.

  • Snowstorm

    Germany and France in love? That’s a tumultuous relationship at best.

    • The Mighty Masturbator

      They do, however pretty much run the windows and doors industry.

  • Mag

    Estonia and Finland:O we are pretty well divided by sea… it is a long distance relationship at best:P

  • The Mighty Masturbator

    We can do better.

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