Car Salespeople be like

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  • FATeemo

    It is for you to pick up chicks when your wife’s not around, man. Don’t be a dick about it.

    • Imurai Cs

      Strange… my dick loves cunts. Guess this one doesn’t.

  • liuping

    If they are looking at a car in that class, they probably care about performance. My family sedan goes 0-60 in about 5.4 seconds and I enjoy it every time I merge onto the freeway.

  • Rattlehead

    0-100km/h in 5.2s is great fun when getting onto the highway

  • Kronk

    As a car salesman, fuck this guy. You are buying a car for Christ’s sake. A mode of transportation driven by engine. Spending $20k – $40k and you think the salesman is a cunt for telling you what kind of power the engine yours will have? So what if you are not interested in that topic, let him know you would like to know more about the area you want covered. We can’t read your fucking mind, cunt.

    • Ashen

      i cant imagine kronk ever saying cunt

      • FFrost


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