That didn’t go as planned

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  • The man that did that thing

    Who the fuck cares who Vladimir Putin wants to see running Britain after 7th May? We’re not electing the Prime Minister and government solely based on fucking off Russia.

    To be honest, I don’t think even Putin gives a fuck who runs the country after 7th May. Nothing our government does seems to affect what he does anyway. There’s also very little real difference between the available candidates, so his point is both sensationalist and stupid. After reading his tweet, I can honestly say the only person I don’t want to see running the country after 7th May is Nick Boles. All in all, fuck Nick Boles.

    • psage

      amen and as for putin when you got nukes who can stop you from doing anything you want short of war

      • clok

        Hmm nice to see the Brits (is that ok to say) get all butt hurt like us “mercians” do when ya talk smack about um.

        • psage

          mericans and brits are close relatives so i am not surprised

    • Galina Evdokimova

      why should he care anyway? all your leaders are just talking about doing something

      • Ranger Joe

        It’s best for all if they do nothing…

      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        Tochno, luchshe Zapad delat’ to, chto oni delayut luchshe vsego: Nichego.

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