What’s better than sex? DMX knows.

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  • perthaussieguy

    Yeah, it’s great when it’s hot and dribbling juices…..

  • iLikePie

    i like cheese bread better. or even just plain bread sticks.

  • Agidy Yelov

    Survey time: Things That LOLSnappers Say Are Better Than Sex

    • Rattlehead

      Sleeping 😛

      • http://karuizawa-hosinoko.blogspot.jp Bryan Lobesz

        Sleeping wins.

      • Gnome Anne


    • http://www.fuimpostingit.com/ Mypenishuge

      If you’re asking that, you’re having the wrong kind of sex.

      • Agidy Yelov

        Hey, I’ve got a disproportionally large right arm to prove I’m having great sex.

      • Cyn Neufeld

        What if I’m not having any sex?

        • Das Puggy

          I can help… Uh, for research purposes.

          • Cyn Neufeld

            Is that what the club is for?

          • Das Puggy

            That’s where I introduce the roofies.

        • http://www.fuimpostingit.com/ Mypenishuge

          Then we can start a club 🙂

          • Cyn Neufeld

            I think Rich wants to join too

    • Jayken

      A weekend with no responsibilities.

    • Von Der Tann

      money to afford sex.

    • Max

      When you are old enough, mastrubation is better than sex.

    • NotMark


    • Ara Raven

      The way my husband and I do it? Nothing. 😀

      But for me, a close second would be going to a new exhibit about something I’m really interested in at my Museum of Nature and Science and spending HOURS in it looking at everything, reading every little sign, and taking notes. It gives me such a raging brainer. I end up feeling so good, I almost always come home and jump my husband’s bones.

      Yeah, so, there’s a SLIGHT chance that I’m a nerd….

      • brujah1381

        I’m going ahead with a diagnosis, you’re one of us, welcome to the club. Nerds really should run everything.

        • Ara Raven

          True dat. *bro fist*

          Well, I amend, maybe not EVERYthing. Geeks are frequently better at tech support than nerds. Specialization is their specialty, after all. Example, I nerd over lots of really random things for no real reason aside from I like to learn, but my husband geeks exclusively for things relating to the use and creation of computers and video games. So while I know at least something about almost everything, he knows everything about a very particular something.

          Geeks and nerds, that’s what should rule the world.

          • brujah1381

            I concur with your assessment.

    • ThatGuy

      Having sex twice

    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      PERIOD Sex!! 😉 And period oral. :3

      • Agidy Yelov

        Goddamit, Jose…

        • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

          Hehehe, mmmmmmm, soooo fucking dee-lish bruh!!! You don’t know what you’re missing. 😉 Hehe. Luv ya too Agidy! XD

    • http://twitter.com/kakan9898 The Cookie Monster


    • The People’s Poet
  • Von Der Tann

    *garlic breath

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    I like eating better. I can eat for over an hour. If sex goes much past five minutes, it begins to feel suspiciously like exercise.

  • brujah1381

    DMX the Jaden Smith for 90’s kids.

  • Shane England

    and a lot easier to get to

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