Of course we didn’t. Ryan did.

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  • AcidMan
  • The Mighty Masturbator

    No 7 year old knows the song “we didn’t start the fire”.

    • Chris

      my 5 yr old does, grant it thats the only part of the song she knows…. but still. lol

    • assfaced

      They can learn a LOT by ear. Have to be careful what is played near them.

    • Tanya Wicht

      That was my first thought too… but they tend to know the music their parents have blaring all day, and everywhere in their car… so it is possible.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=625202469 mrs anderson

    Stfu that didn’t happen.

  • mcflybm

    Who is this Ryan OP is refering to?

    • http://karuizawa-hosinoko.blogspot.jp Bryan Lobesz

      American versions The Office. The character Ryan accidentally started a fire, so Dwight changed the words to the song to make fun of him.

      • mcflybm


  • http://meilidraw.com Stickers the Bum

    maybe if you used more tits id keep reading.

  • Train Driver

    That kid needs a good whooping.

  • Lurker #4
  • assfaced

    +1 for the Asian babe, -100 for the spam.

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