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  • marmeblade

    I hate pepsi. It tastes like the cheap stuff you get from discounters. Boobs however: I’m cool with any of them

    • Jim Kick

      even hairy ones?

      • Das Puggy

        Who knew those knockers belonged to your mother?

        • Jim Kick


      • psage


      • marmeblade

        I guess you got me there

  • lizziesmama

    I’d drink Iced tea over Diet Pepsi.

    • Christine

      Sweet iced tea or water (perhaps fizzy with or without juice) are my choice although sometimes I go for a root or ginger beer.

  • Egekilde

    I don’t like pepsi but I love all kinds of boobs, flat small big huge.

    • Vava

      I’m okay with flat boobs but I despise flat pepsi.

  • Garrus Vakarian

    I honestly like Pepsi and Coke equally. Come at me.

  • InvisiGhost

    you are a true warrior if you can drink a whole can of ‘Tab’…

    • Christine

      Arrgh! That was the choice of dieters in the 70s! My sister drank it.

    • Jeanne

      omg that stuff was and is VILE.. lived overseas as a kid and all we could GET was Tab.. the old pull-tab cans that had been hibernating in Germany in a hot warehouse for 6 months before being shipped over to us. It.. reeked.. but it was soda so we drank it anyway LOL

  • Cathy
    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Hahahahaha, awwwww, Pumbaa!!!!! XDDD So true though. 😉 Heheheh.

  • Tim Klein

    I like pepsi just as much as coke, but I’m actually quite picky when it comes to boobs.

  • Jessica Velasquez

    Fuck you

  • Jade Killjoy

    I only like vanilla coke or pepsi next … what does that say about my taste in boobs

  • The Ragin Pagan

    Hahah, no. I refuse to drink Pepsi, that flat swill. I firmly believe they should change their motto to “Is Pepsi okay?”

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