I think many people will actually agree with Trump on this one now!!

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  • HoodieDog

    OP also included this in the title, but it made the title too long:

    “…but his loyal brain dead followers won’t believe he is a pervert, though”

  • theninthplanet
    • HoodieDog

      You’re working under the assumption that distancing oneself from Trump means that I have to energetically endorse and support Clinton. While voting for Clinton is a horrible option, it is FAR less horrible than voting for Trump.


      My personal opinion is that Clinton will fuck up the country LESS than Trump. For me, it has less to do about which one of these scumbags is less of a human being and more about which one will get the country through the next 4 years on current life support systems.

      When I measure it against those terms, my personal choice is clear… albeit distasteful.


      • Shivers

        Yep, it’s like being given the choice to ride the Titanic, or the Hindenburg. And you’re with a bunch of pushy friends, and you know they’re going to drag you on to one or the other. Do you keep silent, or do you say you’d rather ride one or the other?

      • theninthplanet

        In the United State’s two party system, disparaging one candidate for President is the equivalent to promoting another. Your feelings for Clinton are probably pretty similar to mine for Trump… I think he’s deplorable, but he’s not going to fuck everything up as badly as Clinton has/will.

        Clinton has already given away public policy for money/donations, see how corrupt she was at the State Department. Trumps been financing politicians for years, but the difference is he was a private citizen.

        • HoodieDog

          Unfortunately, corruption is not a differentiator in the two candidates. They are both corrupt. And I don’t believe there is an ounce of hyperbole in that statement. If one is corrupted by money, sex, or power in the private sector… he/she will be corrupted in politics by those same tendencies (and vice versa).

          So, it comes down to this for me: I believe Trump is so profoundly ignorant and so unqualified for the office that I am forced to vote for his extremely distasteful (and much more qualified) opponent. Your statement that Clinton will fuck it up worse than Trump is stunning to me… and perhaps we will have to agree we are far apart on that opinion.

          But if Trump ever really had a chance, he whittles it away each day as he continues to dig himself deeper into his own personal shit hole of comments. It’s simultaneously entertaining and depressing. And the party to which I ideologically belong – Republican – is going to find it extraordinarily difficult to see the light of fucking day or many, many years.

          And I thought the Tea Party was the worse thing that could have happened to the party.

        • Shivers

          “disparaging one candidate for President is the equivalent to promoting another.”

          That depends on if you see it as a binary or as a debate.

        • Octopus of Disapproval

          But it shouldn’t be. The founding fathers esp Washington were very much against parties, which can render our system of checks and balances impotent.
          Any one candidate can stand anywhere they want on any issue and are free to vote against their own party. And to be critical of your own side is to show courage and optimism that we can do better.
          That will be the saving of the Republican Party. Cause right now I’m not seeing Them actually champion what their values are supposed to be like family values, fiscal conservativism, personal freedoms.

          • theninthplanet

            I agree with you that how it works now isn’t how it should be. It was close in this election cycle with Ted Cruz (say what you will about his politics, but he’s no darling of the republican party), but the donald had everyone agog with the idea of a celebrity nominee.

          • Octopus of Disapproval

            That’s one aspect where the Democrats are equally culpable, that kind of personality politics. It’s a big part of why Gore lost. Imagine if we had started funding clean energy 8 years earlier. (And not gone into Iraq)
            And while the church loves recovered sinners, We require our politicians to be absolutely pure and perfect.
            Also this “protect your side”, “don’t criticize” stuff gets in the way of real change, like has Obama lobbied for a Bill that closes tax loopholes or punishes businesses that take their money offshore? Aren’t we still engaged in Drone strikes that potentially hit civilians?
            I personally LIKE Hillary. I’m a smart, feisty ambitious woman, who’s not afraid to speak my mind and offend people. But I don’t need to feel like I can have a fucking cocktail with her. So all these people who write that they don’t like her personality offend me. Do you agree with her policies? Then vote for her. Trump hasn’t really laid out any policies that are constitutionally viable.

      • Tim

        Hillary Clinton has done a lot of great thigns as a senator and as Secretary of State, plus, her positions line up with mine and probably many others’ on this site. I’m always shocked that people don’t see it that way for some reason, especially since a lot of people here and elsewhere on the internet are fans of Bernie Sanders. Their politics are so close!

  • Exquisite Jesus

    Trump deflectors always bring up Hilary without saying anything positive about Trump. Ever. Fuck that retard, he’ll lose and blame “rigging”. When, it will just be silent Republicans not voting for him.

    • EdHoppe

      And quite ironically, the exact opposite of that is true as well

      • Exquisite Jesus

        Eh, on the surface she says nice, progressive things that she’ll never do. Also, she’s a better feminist. So, she’s better by an inch.

  • Sirperry

    It’s all about timing in this election.. whoever is the subject of the news last, will be the loser..
    And the American people.. they will also be the losers..

  • MordenGeist

    I think it’s time I finally moved to Belize….

  • Ranger Joe

    NY Congressman Wiener sent images of his naked boner on Instagram to a teenage girl. Trump used the word ‘pussy’ in a private conversation with Jeb Bush’s nephew.

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