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  • https://www.facebook.com/gdowson/ gdowson

    what’s “@hoco”?

    • Sans Ovaries

      It looks like it’s shortened from Homecoming. That’s what my 20 second internet investigation found. I originally thought it was a gas station. Not sure why.

      • Arse Clown

        what’s homecoming ? do people go back to their school for some reason? idgi :/

        • Jim-bo Slice

          Years ago Homecoming was an event in which the former alumni from a high school or University would return to a school to watch a game, and a parade, and see old friends and what not. I believe it has always been “American Football”, but I can only speak of all games here in Texas.

          As a teacher now, I can state that only 6 of my 189 students actually knew that homecoming was not about the current enrolled students but rather about alumni.

          Most of them think its just a big game that lets them have a reason to do some underage drinking without much objection and a chance to get laid after a crappy homecoming dance.

          oh and a reason to wear a mum. Oh god the mums!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4bcbcd32b51bc29a91a623f6bbeddd88bc135f7184259c5d5c5acdbc53651b5d.jpg

          • Arse Clown

            oh ok. so its to celebrate the year before? (i still dont really get it)
            Re the school years up there; Does the school year start mid year? Bc here is starts in jan-dec. Also, when you say wear a mum; Here that means wear your mother (mom) Are they fancy dresses? as per the pic

          • Jim-bo Slice

            Im sorry! I should have explained myself better. This is for any and all alumni. In the late 90s when I was in High School we would honor the oldest alumni to show up, and we would honor the alumni class that had the most people show up. (The former was never a part of the latter group for some reason)

            As I stated though, nowadays, it seems to be more about the kids that currently go there than the alumni. The school I currently teach at made only one reference to any alumni at this years festivities, and that was at the halftime show at the football game where the announcer said, “Welcome all alumni to this years Homecoming Halftime show!”

            That was it.

            We don’t remember what the event is about.

            Kinda like how Halloween used to be about dressing up our kids as demons to hide from “real” demons, and now its about commercialization and getting as much sugar as you can as fast as you can.

            I’m speaking about the kids of course, for adults it was always about the booze.

          • Das Puggy

            The booze and the cooze. You mustn’t forget the cooze.

          • Arse Clown

            oh yep, i get it now. Its for all of the ex students over the years

          • Ranger Joe

            My old high school just had their 50 year homecoming. Our 1965 football team were the undefeated conference champs. My buddy Jimmy had an original helmet and sent it around the country and to one guy in British Columbia and all the surviving players signed it. He presented it to the school in a beautiful ceremony. The older woman is head coach Frank Marino’s widow. I went to Woodstock with Jimmy in a red VW Microbus. We then drove it to Phoenix, Az. He designs album covers and plays a mean blues guitar.

          • Ranger Joe
      • http://www.GameScion.com/ Jonathan N. Frank

        I thought it was a Mexican restaurant..

  • Inaba

    hoco, for all your ho needs

  • Garrus Vakarian

    oh, he knew exactly what he was doing

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I read it as, “I do nut myself.”

  • Elusive7

    If you had just left the ‘ugh’ in the word there wouldn’t be this problem!

    Why is ‘dough’ good enough for ‘cookie dough’ but try ‘doughnut’ and peeps are suddenly “That’s too many letters… take some out!”

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