Everything was so much easier in the ’60s

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  • brujah1381

    They used to say “The solution to pollution is dilution”, then Lake Erie caught on fire because of all the crap they dumped in it and blew a hole in that theory.

    • Gregor

      It clearly wasn’t dilute enough then, was it. It does work for homeopathic medicine, you use functional medication and then you dilute it enough that it is utterly useless and then people pay you for that useless water.

    • Coffeeinator3000

      using lake erie as dilution is like using a spoon to full a coffee cup (I can think of analogies this early) its the smallest fucking one!

      • brujah1381

        They didn’t only use Lake Erie, and it wasn’t the only body of water to catch fire before the first departments that eventually became the EPA started programs to clean up the water.

  • Wendy Brewer

    And that’s why parents of my generation had kids with autism 😉

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