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  • Dragonofarbitration

    Just try asking a baker to put a picture of a same sex couple on a cake and see what happens. *sits back and waits

    • The Original Green Arrow

      This has happened so many times now that either I’m beginning to think all bakers are hardcore Christians or that the bakers are being researched and baited into doing something like this to shame them and maybe to sue them. To be clear, I think that it is ridiculous to not ice a cake with a gay message but I do think there are messages that some people would agree with, that I would not agree with and I might not want to print. For example people are allowed to have an anti gay personal opinion and might ask that a cake be printed saying “Being gay is against god, against nature and all homosexuals are going to hell. Happy Birthday Jesus”. Should a baker be made to put that message on a cake? Or should the person who wants that message on the cake have to go and find a baker willing to do it.

      • Dragonofarbitration

        I think it’s wrong to force someone to do something that is fundamentally against their beliefs/principles or simply something they feel strongly about. I’ve worked in restaurants and bars where we’ve refused to serve someone simply because we don’t like the look of them, but that comes down to experience.

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