Good Guy railroad worker


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  • Robinator

    That’s some damn heroic shit right there.

  • Ghost of Goatee Cat
  • Shivers

    I was in the hiring process for a job with the regional rail service around here. Apparently they have about a fatality a week, because of dumbasses walking across train tracks to cross rivers etc… and those are regularly scheduled commuter trains in a heavy urban core, not oddball little random tracks in the middle of nowhere.

    • Tanya Wicht

      It never ceases to amaze me, how people do not take trains seriously enough. Batshit insanity level, maximum!

  • Steve Kitching

    Its fake. watch railworkers shadow when he runs. train doesn’t cast a shadow

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      If you watch the leaves, there is a clear effect of the leaves moving outward

      • clok

        If its fake they did a good job, the leaves on both sides move like a large object came through. Im not saying it inst, but it sure looks real, and google proves me wrong.

        More reading shows a couple legit news sites (msn for one) say its real and was obtained from a Railway worker. Take that for waht you will. Tons of people in comments saying its fake and the Sun also, so 2 legit news sites reporting it, and one saying its fake.. whichever its pretty thought out.. one guy curling up in ball, guy hitting the guy with hat after.. prank is well thought out if it is. As for the power lines, its not common, but sometimes they do replace them, sometimes its not fiscally smart to tear down all those poles.

    • Novo Caine

      You can see the worker’s shadow after he passes the area where the shadow is cast. You can’t see the shadow of the train because as it passes the area where the shadow is cast, the train itself hides the area from your view at this angle. You can also notice the trees on both sides of the tracks are clearly disturbed by the speeding train.

  • Train Driver

    If this isn’t fake, they have no business working without a watchman if they aren’t working under dispatcher protection.

    • Dahria Kane

      That guy wasn’t a worker, it’s a bit clearer in the video Goatee posted

      • Steve Kitching

        The guy that pushed him off the line was dressed in linesmens hi viz but you would expect to have lookouts in place if workers are on the track

      • QueenE

        He looks drunk.

        • Glaarg

          Looking thru the bag for the glue he was getting ready to huff probably.

  • Muffinmonster

    In any normal country, the engineer would dump the emergency brakes and lean on the horn. I don’t see that train slowing down at all??

  • TheLittleGeneral

    Don’t be fooled, this is completely fake.

    The most obvious way to spot it is that the train never enters the patch of sunlight.

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