Livin’ large

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  • perthaussieguy

    Really? You’re not living?…. Drunk and speeding = your weekend WILL end (plus your life too and hopefully no one else’s)

    • Joshua Morris

      Exactly. Now being drunk and naked at home with three women…..thats a different story.

      • Dragonofarbitration

        Eugh! I HATE family get togethers…

        • Joshua Morris

          Not much you can do about it when you live in Alabama.

  • Fokke


    • Carlos the Dwarf

      Very good! Consider this a second upvote.

  • Jordan Kamphuis

    i wonder if he gets the girls by claiming he is Will Smith’s white twin

  • Sans Ovaries

    Florida Highway Patrol? Good job, Florida Man!

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Now, you’re just bragging.

  • Shivers

    Speeding Man. He’s not the superhero we want, or deserve, but he’s the superhero we’re stuck with.

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