To the guy in front of me for 20 miles this morning

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  • perthaussieguy

    Which is worse: Not turning it on or not turning it off?

    • Joey

      Both are equally terrible. If you don’t turn it on people can’t see when you’re turning and that’s stupid to do. However if you leave it on all the time, people will realize you forgot it and just assume you’re not turning, which is just as stupid.

      • perthaussieguy

        If I’m pulling out into traffic, I don’t trust turn signals, I wait until the vehicle is turning before pulling out. It’s saved me a few times.

        • BlackSwan

          Same here. You want to see their wheels turning before you go out.

        • NotMyName

          Same. I do that on roundabouts too.

      • NotMyName

        I tend to leave a fair gap between my car and one that’s had the blinkers going for a long time. What the fuck are you doing that you’re not noticing the constant ticking noise and the flashing arrow on the dash..?

        • Christine

          Some people never move their eyes around. I constantly check all three mirrors and the dash and track the cars around me. If your eyes aren’t moving, you are a dangerous driver.

      • Tim

        Also, if you leave it on while driving on a multi-lane road, I’m hanging back seemingly forever waiting for you to change lanes in front of me.

  • ThatGuy

    Great way to waste tons of blinker fluid…

    • limelord

      I had to go back just to upvote this!

      • Anna Troll

        Hello Mr time Lord, what was it like when the hippies ruled the earth, please?

        • limelord

          I believe you have misunderstood, Mrs Anna Troll.
          I am no time lord, but rather a Limelord, and my jurisdiction is limited to present-day lime trees.

          • Anna Troll

            My bad, I read that when distracted.

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