Me on a first date

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  • Amber Mari

    I didn’t expect all that eating after the blowjob facial expression in the first picture.

    • Vava

      Yeah, that came out of nowhere.

  • BlackSwan

    I’m too fat to get away with ANY of that shit.

    • Ghost of Goatee Cat

      Nah you’re not. If you were eating with me, you would have to fight me for the last slice of pizza though. Also when I eat ribs, everyone within a 3 table radius ends up getting splattered with the sauce.

      • lizziesmama

        People get frustrated when they watch me eat ribs. I use a knife and fork and get the meat off all the bones and then I’m left with just a plate of meat I can neatly eat. LOL

  • Galina Evdokimova

    oooooh more Jake tehehe :3

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