I tie only the best knots.

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  • perthaussieguy

    Weird perspective. It looks like an almost vertical surface. I’m sure it’s not though.
    I use ladders often to access rooftops. Single storey only. Double storey I won’t climb onto the roof but can access the gutters for cleaning or a visual inspection. That’s as far as I go.
    I would never take on a job that compromised my saftey.

    • daverbes

      I had to look twice to realize it was on a roof…

  • Vava

    That’s perfect! There’s an ambulance right there!
    (Yeah, that’s probably a work van but who cares)

  • http://zoegraves.wordpress.com/ Zoe Isabeau Graves

    OSHA guy: *eye twitch*

    funeral director: *steeples fingers like Mr. Burns* . . . Excellent.

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