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  • The People’s Poet

    Okay; So male nipples are okay, animal nipples are okay, cartoon male nipples are okay, female nipples on a male cartoon are okay… but female nipples are STILL not okay? WTF people!

    • perthaussieguy

      I know, funny isn’t it?

    • BlackSwan

      Yup! Welcome to society. Very fucked up society… -_-

    • Flingebunt

      How do we know it isn’t a woman wearing a balding man mask, meaning that they are female nipples on a woman pretending to be a man.

    • Christine

      Which nipples do you most want to see, and why?
      Question answered.

      • The People’s Poet

        Not many really. I have seen my fair share of nipples and they aren’t that amazing. By making something taboo you make it desirable. If women were permitted to walk around topless all the time, the breast and nipple would lose its allure. There was a time when a woman showing her ankles was considered racy.

        If a man can go topless so can a woman.

        • Lerk

          That’s a widely shared belief, which doesn’t fit reality much.

          Women’s breasts have expressly evolved to attract men. It’s not that society suddenly decided that they are too erotic to be shown, as with ankles.

          • The People’s Poet

            And yet there are many cultures that have bare breasted woman, and very few people walk around with perma hard ons.

          • Lerk

            I would claim that this is a case of overexposure, which makes everything dull… but I guess we can’t prove that either way.

          • The People’s Poet

            Overexposure and dull are concepts we see such events as due to the way our society acts in the same scenario.

    • Octopus of Disapproval

      Also animal genitals are perfectly ok out in the open but not human genitals.

      • The People’s Poet

        To be fair, I would probably still wear pants. If only for hygiene and protection if not for modesty.

  • Shai Hulud

    wait until they award him for being woman of the year….

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