My friend is a middle school teacher and he snapped me this today June 28,2017

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  • AfterMath

    i saw a Cassette player not two days ago, I’m 30 but i felt like am ancient from a different era, Damn.

    • Johnny Alpha

      I still have/use a K7 (as we call them in France) player in the garage, for when I’m doing the DIY!!

      • Drop Message

        K7 … took me a second to get it, but I love it! 😀

        • Johnny Alpha

          been away, is all good?

          • Drop Message

            Ça va, ça va. Currently doing a few night shifts because I have to finish up my thesis (have to hand it in on the 18th), so times are hectic and I’m not much on the interwebz at the moment. Things are going well on your end?

          • Johnny Alpha

            Yeah! Not bad – left the daughters the appartment for 2 wks – they partied and everything still works!

          • Johnny Alpha

            What’s your thesis? Mine was about truth in Walter Mosley, & Easy Rawlins (my first was some bullshit about ‘super-cooled’ liquids and viscosity)

          • Drop Message

            So you’re a multi-degreed person? Damn, busy man!

            We (my buddy and I) are implementing digital filters on an FPGA chip on the Red Pitaya STEMlab, and developing a web application for it which can function as an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer. The stock configuration doesn’t quite satisfy our professor’s requirements, and he’d like to use it in class later on as a teaching tool. It’s actually pretty neat, but I must admit I’ll be glad once it’s over.

          • Johnny Alpha

            sweet jesus – you make me look like an amateur!

          • Drop Message

            Haha, well, first I have to actually get it done! Talk is cheap and all that. Besides, it’s important to foster the arts, in my humble opinion, even if that is not the academic direction which I have chosen. But one does appreciate the compliment. 🙂

    • daverbes

      Found some old 8 tracks in the closet the other day. Don’t have a player, but still…

  • Jayken

    Poor kids are still a thing.

  • Pickles

    We just played a VHS tape last night for the kids… the only copy of Princess Bride we have! Worth keeping around just for that movie!

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