“You’re going to be a human a long time”.

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  • Sirperry

    That was the lamest punchline I’ve ever read.

  • Joey

    Parents seriously need to learn this lesson:

    Messes are a part of life. If you are teaching your kid not to make a mess, you are teaching them how not to deal with life. Teach your little shit how to clean up their mess.

    • HealthyRocks

      Also, teach your little mess how to clean up their shit.

    • Nicholas Gertner

      Also teach your little shits how to clean up other peoples shit. That way they learn not to be a dick and therefore clean up their own messes.

  • Shai Hulud

    “accidents happen we just have to prevent them, you have no idea how much prevention went into trying to avoid you but here we are cleaning slushees……..it’s totally fine son im not mad”

  • Gregory Blatchford

    I’ll file this under “Things that never happened.”

    • Snapdragon

      Yeah, I was expecting it to say something like “just kidding, they left the mess and ran off so the staff had to clean it up.”

      • Benjamin Banks

        Much more believable.

  • Mister_B_Posters

    But but did he get another slushee?

    • Benjamin Banks

      No because you’re going to be a human for a long time and you have to realize that life sucks!

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