There is never an excuse.

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  • perthaussieguy

    Until you drop something and it/they break then you feel a biit foolish

    • Johnny Alpha

      no meat, wine or beer! pansy!

  • BlackSwan

    Try doing that while using a cane. Then tell me there’s no excuse. *rolls eyes*

    • Gregor

      I had a few times that i tried to pick up a number of things while holding my cane, then dropping stuff, it appears i did not magically gain a 3rd arm or something so i have to limit what i carry

      • BlackSwan


  • bevy2

    Nice haul!

  • Von Der Tann

    and the keys are in your left pocket….. or the cellphone suddenly rings.

    • If your phone rings while you’re carrying groceries, you can always just ignore it until you’ve carried the groceries indoors and set them away and then call back. It’s not really such a big deal as the keys.

  • psage
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