Go for it Kim

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  • Я Безымянный

    That probably is not the brightest of his ideas.

    Still upvoted cause deep down I do want to see the world burn.

  • Vava

    ?? I don’t get it.

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    The annual report of North Korea’s military capabilities by the U.S. Department of Defense, released in early 2014, identified the North Korean Army’s strength at 950,000 personnel, 4,200 tanks, 2,200 armored vehicles, 8,600 artillery guns, and over 4,800 multiple rocket launchers.

    That’s a huge fucking force to be fighting on their home turf advantage–though the amount of force could be multiplied or reduced an enormous about depending on their training and the condition of their equipment. They seem to be extremely militaristic, so their soldiers probably aren’t just a bunch of farmers with guns. I’d guess most of them have some useful training. Hard to say how many or how much, that nation loves bluster and showmanship.

    I suppose we’d just blanket the country with ten or twenty trillion dollars worth of conventional bombs, killing or maiming most of the 25 million civilians and obliterating their infrastructure (military and government would of course be in their massive bomb shelters) and then just wait for the rest of them to starve. Now I’m not saying this would be a good idea, but it’s probably what would happen.

    That is, of course, if China doesn’t decide to get involved. Or Russia. I mean Russia probably wouldn’t, but NK is China’s next-door neighbor so to speak. China’s economy is very tightly intertwined with the US’s though. A defeat for us could prove expensive for them.

    It’s 2017 and we’re still behaving like ignorant savages fighting other tribes because their customs are not like ours and so we think them evil. I estimate no more than 100 to 150 years of this shit.

    • Supaapple

      With out navy right there I feel like we’d bombard them to hell then a united US and South Korea could clean up. Last I heard China isn’t exactly on good terms with North Korea so they probably wouldn’t mind a united Korea, more money for them.

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