It seems I have Tom Jones syndrome, the doctor said, “It’s not unusual…”

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  • Amber Mari

    When I was about 10-14yrs old , my great aunt used to ask me and only me “What’s new, pussycat?” and I used to cringe like a mf at the word “pussycat”. Now, almost 20 years later I realize it’s from a song. All this time, I just thought she was just being a drunk b***h. Now that I’ve realized it’s an actual thing after looking it up, I’m tempted to be a drunk b***h and call her playing the song so she knows I get it now. However as I’m listening to this shit, Tom Jones was CLEARLY a drunk bitch when he put this song out, and so was the rest of the country for falling for this drunk mess of a song.

    • perthaussieguy

      Look up the movie too !!

      • Amber Mari

        No thanks. 3 days later, I can’t get that horrible song out of my head.

    • Gregor

      This is true for most of the music i know from those days, all incredibly misogynistic as if women aren’t real people or something.

      In many ways it’s not so different from much of the music nowadays just the tone has changed

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