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  • Gregor

    I have some cognitive problems so i can have this problem in 2 languages or like this ‘the english word is “this one” but right now i can’t think of the word in my native language’

    • Vladislav Richter

      All the fucking time

    • donnie1976

      Happens to me all the time as well. English is not my mothertongue, but I often find it easier to find the right word in English rather than in any of my mothertongues. Actually, I don’t translate between any of the languages I speak, so concepts are easier expressed in the language they originate from.

  • Flockacox

    Actually quite clever

  • No Name

    Then you ask them what the word is in their language.

  • Shivers

    The thing is, as a bilingual person, this does actually happen on occasion… and English is my native tongue.

    • Gregor

      Ages ago on holiday in France with my mother and her new (English)partner and his son at some point i was speaking 4 languages in 1 conversation with a lot of others, and i had a complete brain freeze as at moments i couldn’t even process one of those i was speaking in all that juggling of all of it at the same time

      • Vava

        We’re trilingual at home so naturally we mix and match the languages at times and so, when I meet someone who speaks only one of those languages and get too comfortable, I slip back into the mish-mash by accident and get this weird look and have to backpaddle like “I’m sorry! I promise I’m fluent in your language but I got confused!”

        • Gregor

          Yeah, Dutch (native) and English (3rd) language are by now interchangeable to such a degree that i have to actually pay attention to figure out which language i’m hearing or reading, German (2nd) is by now only useful for listening or reading and french (4th) is basically no longer available as i haven’t used it is so long and was never much good anyway.

          • donnie1976

            I know the feeling. Most of the time, just after I watch a movie, I can’t even remember if it was in English or dubbed in French. For reading, as a principle, I only read in the language the book was written, as I feel that translation betrays the author. My other native language (Malagasy) I use on a daily basis for communication, but is rather limited in terms of literature and other entertainment forms. As for the other 3 languages I speak, I don’t get many occasions to practice them… Though I watch manga quite a lot.

  • Ashen

    god I wish I spoke two languages fluently.

    I want to learn, but as an Australian I have next to no real world applications for the time spent

    • Tanya Wicht

      It is really good for your brain health. (There is a word for it – but it has slipped completely from my mind).

  • Richard Rejmer

    In Europe, if you speak five or more languages, you are called multilingual.
    If you speak four languages, you are called quadrilingual.
    If you speak three languages, you are called trilingual.
    If you speak two languages, you are called bilingual.
    If you speak one language, you are English.

    • donnie1976

      Also works for French.


    I’ve been living and working in Germany now for over 30 years (I’m British). When my colleagues come up to me and ask me what a particular word in German is, sometimes, I cannot tell them. I really have forgotten it. I really have to rack my brains to think of the word – and then they come out with shitty fucking comments, “Are you really English?”.

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