The New Peppa Pig Jigsaw

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  • Inaba

    traumatize the kids by showing them a pig head<3
    i saw one in a movie as a kid and it fucked me up

    • Gregor

      That’s only because our we do not grow up knowing where our food comes from, if you grow up with animals being butchered then that pighead is not scary

      • Shai Hulud

        who are you defining “we” as.

        • Gregor

          By now pretty much most people in the world, very few people still know what their food was before it became food

          • Shai Hulud

            agreed, which is why more people should hunt.

    • How old were you, though? I used to watch horror-movies quite frequently already from 8 years and up with a buddy of mine; there was this tiny rental-place owned and ran by some old, creepy geezer who didn’t give a flying fuck if kids wanted to rent horror-movies, porn or whatever from there, and the cost of renting the movies from his place was low enough for a couple of kids to be able to afford it quite often. Good times.

  • Tanya Wicht

    Fewer parts are missing than you would think… find the rest in the sausage aisle.

    • Summer

      Including funny sheep bowel toy!

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