The Garage Opener | Rube Goldberg Machine (ft. Golden Retrievers as Actors)

For years, I've been building Rube Goldberg Machines for all sorts of wonderful folks & companies. Now, with my latest machine I finally got the chance to build one for myself (okay...maybe I built it for my pups, but still). Working and filming with my best friends (Moose & Buddy) is a true privilege, and I hope it shows in the final product (it is our 1st video and 1st attempt video editing, so go easy!) 

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Note: Thanks to all LOLSnapers for watching (or even taking the time to read this). I've been here for over 5 years now, but wanted to finally start contributing (I did end up creating a new account just to post with). We release episodes every Monday & Friday on our Youtube Channel (which obviously won't post/spam this site with every vid), with a goal of creating a new machine about every 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy!

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