The Outdoor Celebration Rube Goldberg Machine

How complicated could it really be to open a book? Let's just say we used no less than different 7 bowling balls...

This machine was built for Peddler's Village outdoor mall in Pennsylvania to celebrate their 50th anniversary back in 2012. Featuring a giant Newton's Cradle & bowling balls through a fully functional 18ft water wheel, this machine pays tribute to all of the festivals, events, and displays that Peddler's Village plays host to annually, all with the incredibly simple task of opening a book.

To see more of our Rube Goldberg Machines &/or more of the Rube Dudes (ie: Moose & Buddy) during brainstorming sessions, testing, or even just lounging around, follow us on Twitter:

Note: Thanks to all LOLSnapers for watching (or even taking the time to read this). I've been here for over 5 years now, but wanted to finally start contributing (I did end up creating a new account just to post with). We release episodes every Monday & Friday on our Youtube Channel (which obviously won't post/spam this site with every vid), with a goal of creating a new machine about every 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy!

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