A successful hunt

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27 points
  • Von Der Tann

    QUICK! Rob his bag and run, dude!!!!

  • OhPoop

    There is 6 there. I thought he had 8??

    • Heather Wilkins

      The other two might have gone on holiday.

    • Train Driver

      There are 9 …

      • Das Puggy

        10. Don’t forget Olive.

        (Olive the other reindeer….)

        • Train Driver


  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Now, to find the driver.

  • Train Driver

    I’m not a hunter but I do know you don’t shoot the deer in the head.

    • ThatGuy

      Yeah I saw that too, ruined the joke for me

      • F#A#

        Same, who aims at the jaw

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